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We believe that each follower of Jesus is a minister. Our gatherings are a place to encourage each other as we live life on a mission of Christ-like love. We believe your family has already been sent on a mission with Jesus where you live, work, and play. We're here to say "go for it!" and to share stories of how God is creating new life. (If you are one of today's M.C.s, click here.)

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  3. Discussion on series "For the Life of the World"
  4. After discussion, hang out and make some new friends. Share info and connect in other ways along your common paths and passions.
  5. Participate in our 6 practices for maximum training this week:

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  1. Ask Jesus about your relationship with money. Which master has your heart?
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    2 Cor 8-9

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tactics for 2015-2016

Starting SMALL GROUP church communities WITH A MISSION BASED ON common passions AND PATHS

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