Your donation Changes Lives

We go to those who will not come:

Your support helps us reach the marginalized and unreached people groups all around us



You can also mail a check to Create Church, 12299 Champlin Drive Suite 201, Champlin, MN 55316.

100% of gifts are invested into advancing our mission to go and make communities of disciples in every neighborhood and people group.

4 things to remember:


1) Ask Jesus about your relationship with money.
Which master has your heart? 

Matthew 6:21-24 | 1 Timothy 6:10


2) Be generous according to your ability. Calculate a proportion of your income. Give an amount that demonstrates your love for God.

Deut 16:10-17 | 2 Cor 8:11


3) Give a gift that moves your heart and feel God’s delight in you!

2 Cor 8-9


4) Know that God provides more than riches to those who follow Him.

Acts 20:35 | Malachi 3:10 | Phil 4:19

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