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  • We believe that each follower of Jesus is a minister. Our gatherings are a place to an encouragement to others who, like us, are answering the call to live as a missionary. We believe your family is  already positioned to be on mission with Jesus where you live, work, and play. We're here to say "go for it!" and to share our stories.


Kids dismissed for Create Kids

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  • Next week - picnic at Andrews Park
  • June-August: at Andrews park
  • Online service testers needed. Contact Mark

Discussion on Made for Adventure


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100% of gifts are invested into advancing our mission to go and make communities of disciples in unreached people groups in the communities around us

Would you give to advance the Create Church experiment?

  1. Ask Jesus about your relationship with money. Which master has your heart?
    Matthew 6:21-24

  2. Give an amount that demonstrates your trust in God. Be generous according to your ability. Calculate a proportion of your income.  
    Deut 16:10-17 | 1 Cor 16:2 | 2 Cor 8:11

  3. Give a gift that moves your heart and feel God’s delight in you!
    2 Cor 8-9

Create Church operate with financial transparency. Please e-mail if you would like to serve with the generosity team.

INtroducing 10 second giving with Pushpay

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Please make checks out to "Create." Or, mail checks to Create Church, 12299 Champlin Dr Suite 201, Champlin MN 55316. You can also give by online check. If you want to manage your online check giving, log in here.

October 2014 Given: $2205
November 2014 Given: $2220
December 2014 Given: $1560
January 2015 Given: $1015 Goal: $2000
February 2015 Given: $1510 Goal: $2000
March 2015 Given: $1544 Goal: $2000
April 2015 Given: $640 Goal: $2000

May Giving

fundraising ideas for schools, churches, and youth sports teams

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  • Starting with me, let's each say our names and a favorite childhood toy.

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  1. As a group, we are going to pick a Discussion Mover (DM) for today. This person's job is to (1) be vulnerable (2) keep discussion moving (3) make the "do it" section as impactful as possible. We can nominate a DM, spin something to choose someone, or ask the group if you can volunteer. 

After you have identified today's Discussion Mover, DM read the following:

  1. What are a couple of expectations for our discussion today? 
  2. Is this a safe place where we can be honest with each other?
  3. As Jesus leads us today, are we willing to follow Him? 

DM please pray and simply ask God to speak with you and be with your group.

God likened to a Mother?


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Made in the likeness of God: male and female. Genesis 1:1-2

Female images for God (drawn from women’s biological activity)

God is like a mother in Isaiah 49:15 and like a father in Luke 15:11-32.

God as a Mother: 

  1. a woman in labor (Isa. 42:14) whose forceful breath is an image of divine power . God is threatening to come against Israel in power, a power likened to the forceful air expelled from the lungs of a woman who is in the final throes of labor. Calvin misunderstood Isaiah’s intent and construed this as an image of maternal tenderness! 
  2. a mother suckling her children (Num. 11:12
  3. a mother who does not forget the child she nurses (Isa. 49:14-15
  4. a mother who comforts her children (Isa. 66:12-13
  5. a mother who births and protects Israel (Isa. 46:3-4). In contrast to idol worshippers who carry their gods on cattle, God carries Israel in the womb. The message to the people is two-fold: it demonstrates God’s superiority over other gods, and reiterates the divine promise to support and redeem. In short, God’s maternal bond of compassion and maternal power to protect guarantee Israel’s salvation. 
  6. a mother who gave birth to the Israelites (Dt. 32:18) The biased translation of the Jerusalem Bible ("fathered you") obscures the feminine action of the verb, more accurately rendered "gave you birth": NRSV: You were unmindful of the Rock that bore you; you forgot the God who gave you birth. 

    The Hebrew word in the first line can be translated as either "begot" (male activity) or "bore" (female activity); the context must provide the key. The word in the second line can only refer to female activity. Scholars have taken these two lines either as a male and a female image of God back-to-back, or they take both of them as female, due to the way this verse is located in the overall poetic structure of Deuteronomy 32. 
  7. Other maternal references: Ps. 131:2; Job. 38:8, 29; Prov. 8:22-25; 1 Pet. 2:2-3.
  8. Female bird imagery. Yahweh is described by an analogy to the action of a female bird protecting her young (Ps. 17:8, 36:7, 57:1, 91:1, 4; Dt. 32:11-12). 
  9. The hen: Mt. 23:37 (par. Lk. 13:34; cf. Ruth 2:12): "O Jerusalem, Jerusalem! How often would I have gathered your children together as a hen gathers her brood under her wings, and you would not." In his lament over Jerusalem, Jesus employs feminine imagery. Whereas the magnificent eagle is associated with light, sun, height, mobility and exteriority, the lowly hen is "associated with the shadows and darkness of the henhouse, and with depth and stillness and interiority beneath the mothering wings" (V. Mollenkott, The Divine Feminine [Crossroad, 1987], 93). Each image illuminates a different, important aspect of God’s relation to us. 
  10. God as Mother Bear (Hosea 13:8), a fierce image associated with the profound attachment of the mother to her cubs. God’s rage against those who withhold gratitude is that of a bear "robbed of her cubs." 
  11. Holy Spirit (in Hebrew, feminine; in Greek, neuter) is often associated with women’s functions: the birthing process (Jn. 3:5; cf. Jn. 1:13, 1 Jn. 4:7b, 5:1, 4, 18), consoling, comforting, an eschatological groaning in travail of childbirth, emotional warmth, and inspiration. Some ancient church traditions refer to the Holy Spirit in feminine terms (the Syriac church used the feminine pronoun for the Holy Spirit until ca. 400 C.E.; a 14th c. fresco depicting the Trinity at a church near Munich, Germany images the Holy Spirit as feminine).

As a group, Read and answer the following:

TURNING HIS WAY: Living a Kingdom of God Agenda

Last week we were challenged to consider 2 questions during this course of this week:

  1. What areas do I need to concentrate my repentance upon in order to lay hold of the kingdom of God?
  2. How can I assume the posture of a servant today? How can I serve in the situation at hand?

And at the end of each day this week, reflect over your day and ask:

  1. In what ways do I believe Satan has tempted me with sustenance, safety and security, and finding my source of meaning through status?
  2. Today did I do unto others the way I would have them do unto me? How so?

Does anyone have a story about something you experienced this week?

DM: Conclude with the "DO It" section


Have you tried the "eat" challenge? 


Eat meals with people Jesus would eat with. Practice generous hospitality and invite people into your life. When eating with other Christ-followers you may want to encourage one another, share about your lives, talk about what God has been saying to you and what you've been doing about it.

Learn more about Create's practices 

New tactics for 2015

Starting church communities around common passions.

We are a



Launch Pad

Launch Pad





Create Church as a startup

  • Startup's definition: an organization designed to create new (products and) services under conditions of extreme uncertainty.
  • Startup's most vital function: learning. Which elements of our strategy are working to realize our vision and which are just crazy. 
  • Startup's job: (1) rigorously measure where it is right now, confronting the hard truths that assessment reveals, and then (2) devise experiments to learn how to move the real numbers closer to the ideal reflected in the vision. 
  • Validated learning (scientific testing and measuring of what is valuable). Assumption testing. Waste elimination.
  • 2015 tactics: Smoke testing, AB testing, new minimum viable products (MVP). Many experiments coming in 2015.

More about the Forge Minneapolis Preview

Discover what you are made to do.

Believe that you are a minister, and that God has already sent you on a mission to represent Jesus with the people where you live, work, and play.

Step into the adventure of asking Jesus to give you His heart for the people in your neighborhood you already live in or group that you already identify with.

Are you equipped to make a Jesus-like impact in your world? Go on a 3-month mission trip without quitting your job, leaving your neighborhood, or hanging up your hobbies. This is a chance to invest time in the lab of learning and start to launch out in love with the community He puts on your heart.

A full 9-month mission trip starts October 2015.

Learn more about Forge Minneapolis