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  • Now through Easter: Ashes to Fire Series
  • March 22: Baby Dedication
  • April 12-June 7: Forge Minneapolis Beta group.
  • June-August: At the park
  • Pray with us about what God wants us to do this fall. What is your vision?
  • Online service testers needed. Contact Mark. 
  • and are now up for testing
  • Through March: Women's Huddles (every 2 weeks), Men's Huddles (every 4 weeks), Adult's Night Out (every 8 weeks)

UP (with God) 

Topic intro and split into groups of 3-5 people to keep discussion moving.





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Create Church as a startup

  • Startup's definition: an organization designed to create new (products and) services under conditions of extreme uncertainty.
  • Startup's most vital function: learning. Which elements of our strategy are working to realize our vision and which are just crazy. 
  • Startup's job: (1) rigorously measure where it is right now, confronting the hard truths that assessment reveals, and then (2) devise experiments to learn how to move the real numbers closer to the ideal reflected in the vision. 
  • Validated learning (scientific testing and measuring of what is valuable). Assumption testing. Waste elimination.
  • 2015 tactics: Smoke testing, AB testing, new minimum viable products (MVP). Many experiments coming in 2015.

Current Series

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    Deut 16:10-17 | 1 Cor 16:2 | 2 Cor 8:11

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    2 Cor 8-9

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Today's Notes



Say hi to each person.

Anyone read 1 and 2 below.

  1. Say your names and in 30 seconds or less, share about a junk food you crave regularly.
  2. Pick a Discussion Mover (DM) for today. This person's job is to (1) be vulnerable (2) keep discussion moving (3) make the "do it" section as impactful as possible. You can nominate a DM, spin something to choose someone, or ask the group if you can volunteer. 
  3. DM: What are our expectations for this discussion today? Is this a place where we can be honest with each other? Do we want Jesus to speak to us? Are we willing to follow Him? Pray for God to speak with you and guide you.

Someone Read the following

I can’t imagine what it would have been like being John the Baptist. Your main job? ‘Setting the table’ for the coming Messiah. Can you think of a more humbling calling than that? However, that is exactly what we read about at the beginning of this week’s passage. 

Earlier in the gospel of Mark, John the Baptist is seen baptizing people in the desert, preaching repentance and the forgiveness of sins, and most importantly preparing people for the arrival of Jesus. It is only fitting that John also had the humble honor of baptizing our Lord. 

Someone else read the following

Jesus’ baptism is followed by an immediate retreat to the desert, where we read the account of Jesus being tempted by Satan. God knew that an incarnation that was free from temptation and hardship would not do. This story shows us (as Hebrews reminds us) that we can come to Jesus knowing full well that he was quite familiar with temptation. 

Following this forty day period, Jesus heads to Galilee where he immediately begins preaching and proclaiming, “The time has come! The Kingdom of God is near! Repent and believe the good news!” One may notice as we continue through the next fourteen weeks that Mark is usually not as elaborative as Matthew and Luke; however, Mark is a good source when reading about the ministry and teachings of Jesus. 


DM: Before we start our discussion, we're going to open your group time by sharing prayer requests, progress reports, or things we are thankful for. This time is important because one of the reasons God created the church is for us to care for and support and pray with each other. Who would like to go first?

After praying, close this time with a prayer using this week’s psalm (Psalm 25:1-10). 

To you, O Lord, I lift up my soul. O my God, in you I trust; do not let me be put to shame; do not let my enemies exult over me. Do not let those who wait for you be put to shame; let them be ashamed who are wantonly treacherous. Make me to know your ways, O Lord; teach me your paths. Lead me in your truth, and teach me, for you are the God of my salvation; for you I wait all day long. Be mindful of your mercy, O Lord, and of your steadfast love, for they have been from of old. Do not remember the sins of my youth or my transgressions; according to your steadfast love remember me, for your goodness’ sake, O Lord! Good and upright is the Lord; therefore he instructs sinners in the way. He leads the humble in what is right, and teaches the humble his way. All the paths of the Lord are steadfast love and faithfulness, for those who keep his covenant and his decrees. 



In those days Jesus came from Nazareth of Galilee and was baptized by John in the Jordan. And just as he was coming up out of the water, he saw the heavens torn apart and the Spirit descending like a dove on him. And a voice came from heaven, “You are my Son, the Beloved; with you I am well pleased.” 
And the Spirit immediately drove him out into the wilderness. He was in the wilderness forty days, tempted by Satan; and he was with the wild beasts; and the angels waited on him. 
Now after John was arrested, Jesus came to Galilee, proclaiming the good news of God, and saying, “The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God has come near; repent, and believe in the good news.” 

discuss the following questions

  • What did Jesus mean by, “The kingdom of God is near”? What is the Kingdom of God like? Why is this “good news”?
  • If Jesus came to preach about the kingdom of God being near, why is it that we still see sin and death around us?
  • Why is repentance an essential act for one who wishes to embrace life and the message of Christ?
  • How can a thorough knowledge of Scripture help us when we are faced with lies and temptations?

DM: lead the "DO It" section

As you begin this Ashes to Fire journey for the next fourteen weeks, write a prayer; or pray silently that God would help you to truly enter the story of Jesus. If you have a journal, write down or pray silently about specific areas of sin where you would like God to help you achieve victory. Consider writing down specific passages and verses that will remind you of God’s truth and promises when you are faced with temptation. 

As we talked about last week, we want to be people who can trust each other. There is freedom and forgiveness when we repent to God and confess to each other. I am broken like you. God is healing me and recreating me as I simply ask him to. Dare to trust me or another person here by confessing your sin and praying with each other.

You may also want to memorize this simple prayer this week. "Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world, have mercy on me. "

Giving up something during the lent season can also help with fighting temptations. Sometimes when we practice self control in one area of our lives, it helps us experience self control in harder areas of our lives. Try it, and remember that self control is a fruit of the Spirit. This means that victory comes from listening to the Spirit of Jesus, not simply in gritting our teeth in an attempt to control ourselves.

  • Does anyone have a comment on this before we close in prayer?

(Start the closing prayer by saying)

"Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world, have mercy on me. 

Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world, have mercy on me.

Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world, have mercy on me."


When this week will you carve out time to hear the Holy Spirit? Some may choose to take a prayer walk or a once-per-week time of solitude and listening to God. Others may segment their hour into daily increments of ten minutes per day for six days of the week. The point is to have a specific time of just listening in silence, not speaking or asking for a list of things; just letting the Holy Spirit speak to you. What is He asking you to do? Who is He putting on your heart? Take notes or journal to write down distracting thoughts and capture what you hear. Verify with scripture, the character of Jesus, and those in church community with you, and immediately put His words into practice. 

I invite you to get started by getting the Ashes to Fire Year B journal on Amazon. There is a kindle version available and you can read it on any device.

We are a



Launch Pad

Launch Pad





Feel alive, joyful, healthy and whole this new year

by adopting these simple, relational, empowering practices: 


Commit to at least one hour per week of listening to the Holy Spirit. Some may choose to take a prayer walk or a once-per-week time of solitude and listening to God. Others may segment their hour into daily increments of ten minutes per day for six days of the week. The point is to have a specific time of just listening in silence, not speaking or asking for anything, just letting the Lord speak to you. What is He asking you to do? Who is He putting on your heart? Take notes or journal to write down distracting thoughts and capture what you hear. Verify with scripture, the character of Jesus, and those in church community with you, and immediately put His words into practice. 



Pay special attention to learn more about Jesus, his ways and means. Ask God to speak to you as you read, and do what He says. Discuss what you read with others. Write what you are doing and learning in a journal. Sometime we read sections of a book together. Invest in your personal and family growth by reading and attending things will help you grow into who God created you to be. Sign up for the daily reading at





Eat 2 meals each week with others. 1 with someone IN your faith community, 1 with somone OUT who, as far as you know, is not a Christ-follower from the places you live, work, or play. Practice generous hospitality and invite people into your life. Around the table, gospel things happen. Your IN meal is a great place for a Huddle conversation, where you share about your life, what God has been saying to you, and what you've been doing about it.




coming April 2015

God has already sent you. As a community of Jesus people, we are a collective of missionaries. Stay mindful of opportunities to engage in mission on your day-to-day journey. Look for where Jesus is already at work and join Him in what He is doing. Ask yourself how you responded to his promptings and if there were any instances or opportunities where you resisted Jesus during the day. Describe your adventures in a journal if you use one.



  1. Do you have a journal?
  2. How does the idea of acting as a missionary make you feel?
  3. What does Jesus think about this?
  4. Choose one person to pray for each person regarding acting as a missionary.



March 2015

Tell your story to someone this week. Listen to others' stories. Be humble and vulnerable. Telling your story doesn't mean to tell your whole life story, rather it means to tell the truth about who you are, and use words to share things about your life that will help people see the work of Jesus in your life. The listening side of this is the drawing out of other people's stories. Ask great questions. Listen intently. Don't "one up." Pray for others, and tell them you are praying for them Be present in your relationships and conversations, and be aware that God is already at work in your lives and desires to help you go one step forward into the story He created you to live.




You are blessed to be a blessing, so give something that would be received as good news to 2 people each week – for 1 person in your Christian community and to someone who is not following Jesus from where your live, work, or play. Blessings can range from a simple encouragement to a small gift or gesture. Recommended is finding a something to do with someone that would be a blessing. Use great discernment and transparency with your loved ones when extending blessings to someone of the opposite sex.


Coming March 2015: Forge Minneapolis 

Discover what you are made to do.

Believe that you are a minister, and that God has already sent you on a mission to represent Jesus with the people where you live, work, and play.

Step into the adventure of asking Jesus to give you His heart for the people in your neighborhood you already live in or group that you already identify with.

Are you equipped to make a Jesus-like impact in your world? Go on a 3-month mission trip without quitting your job, leaving your neighborhood, or hanging up your hobbies. This is a chance to invest time in the lab of learning and start to launch out in love with the community He puts on your heart.

A full 9-month mission trip starts September 2015.

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