Welcome to church!

Welcome to the coffee bar! Feel free to hang out here before and after the meeting

4 things to know about online church

  1. Yes, this really is church. Relationships with each other and with God were of the highest priority in the 1st church as described in the book of Acts. That's why instead of sermons, performances, and spectators we do discussions, sharing, and encourage participation.

  2. Invite real people from where you live, work and play. During this invitation-only beta, email mark@createchurch.org to get info on how to invite others.

  3. We recommend clicking the "Camera" button when you come in to turn on your webcam. "Listen" is automatically enabled, and you can turn on your "Talk" button when you want to share. Feel free to use the "Room Chat" as well. Your messages are only visible to the people who are in each room at the same time you are.

  4. You can open a page from one of the screens in your own browser by clicking the button below. This is especially helpful for online giving.

See you at the meeting room at 10 A.m. Let's have some fun!