Fit & Flourish Book and Leadership Training Sessions


Fit & Flourish Book and Leadership Training Sessions


Book study discussion and missional coaching group

Here's a rundown of how to join and the expectations for the group


  1. 10-session series cost of $50/family includes Fit and Flourish book, workbook assignments, and childcare. Partial scholarship applications are available. One visiting session is allowed.
  2. Committment! Chapter readings and workbook questions must be completed before meetings, or you will be assigned to the blessing of childcare for the group time.
  3. Growing clarity: each week members will write down their personal mission. Your sense of calling and mission may change during the course of the series, but each week members are required to choose a mission focus.
  4. Encouragment on reaching your mission. Each member will be asked 3 questions: 1) What have you done to reach your mission since last session? 2) What are you going to do before next session? 3) What challenges are in your way?
  5. Accountability for personal growth. Each session you will be asked which of the 6 core practices you are doing well at and which you will be working on for the next session. 
  6. Bring snacks to share on rotating schedule

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