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You can even help us create a new church with your favorite social community.


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We're people Simply following Jesus


We are neighbors from every walk of life simply following Jesus in an informal, non-religious, relationship-first, compassionate community.

You are wanted

We want to hear your story. And we want to learn what following Jesus with each other can look like.

We meet in homes, parks, restaurants, church buildings, bars, or entirely online. The place doesn't matter that much, because the church is the people, not a destination.


What makes us different?


No sermons

Why? Because we don't grow by sitting still. We do occasionally have short TED-like talks with break out discussions. But most of the time we do life together, share in small circles, talk about the scriptures, encourage each other, tell stories and work on making a difference in our world together.

For you

We are for you. Did you know God is for you too? Even in your deepest brokenness.

We invite you to bring your entire story. Let's share our shattered lives and seek the One who can make things better than new.

Zero Full-Time Staff

This is important because we really believe each follower of Jesus is a minister. It is up to each person to be a fully mobilized and functional part of the body. Jesus is the head, not any one person. God gives each of us everything we need to love fully and serve unselfishly.

Our hero is Jesus

He hasn't just unstuck us, He is given us a new adventure. So we talk about Him, read about Him, and follow Him. We don't take ourselves too seriously, but we are pretty dang devoted to our Creator-in-the-flesh Jesus Christ. The more we learn about Jesus, the more our lives start to look like His.


What should I expect at a Create Community Group?

Great food

The table is the great equalizer and the great social mixer. When we meet, we almost always make time to eat a snack, a meal or dessert.

Great company

How do we know it is great? Because it's you! We like to serve and play together while making a difference in our world.

Great kids

We love kids and teens. We have a well-designed kids time in many of our meetings for them to learn together. And sometimes we stop and learn from them. 


Come for a visit – we can't wait to meet you!


Are you ready for more?

There comes a time when we hear a knock on our door, and it’s time to leave the Hobbit hole and join the adventure. We believe in you, and when Jesus is inviting you into the wild, we’ve got your back.
— Pastor Mark Zubert

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