If you're one of our much-appreciated bloggers, we've created an outline for you as a way to get things going.

1. Attend the event you are writing about!

First and foremost, attend the event. :)

2. Document the event

Throughout the event, take a few photos of different people and activities. This helps people get to know us better as they see what we do, and brings the experience more to life for those who were unable to come.

If you're a note taker, record your thoughts throughout the event. If you're not a note taker, keep some mental notes to use later.

3. Write away

It works best to write the post within the two days following the event. That way it is still fresh and easy to remember what happened.

Here's a sample outline:

  1. Give a short introduction to provide context for someone who is either unfamiliar with how the event works or who was unable to come to the event.
  2. Document the talk and the discussion.
  3. Provide a conclusion in the form of a "weekly challenge".

Submit the post and any photos you took to danelle@onewheelmarketing.com within 48 hours for a gold star*.

*Buy yourself the gold star and wear it proudly!